Amine B avatar Whatblag.comOn this page I want to provide you some background of myself, what I do, what I’ve done and also what I intend on finishing with this internet site.

My name is Amine B and I’m 37 years old.

I was born out of a passion for web marketing in order to give people the desire and the means to succeed in their online business.

I fell in love with web marketing 9 years ago and all this time has allowed me to specialize in different aspects of marketing and allowed me to pursue a career as a consultant, my areas of expertise are : SEO, PAID ADVERTISING, SOCIAL MEDIA, GROTHHACKING AND of course AFFILIATE MARKETING, and the idea of this blog is to share my experience with people so that it can serve as a shortcut and avoid making the mistakes that all marketers have made.

I hope you will find me up to your expectations at WhatBlag.com and that you will find the information you are looking for.