Yive Review [2020]


Create and Upload Automatically Unlimited Videos to Multiple YouTube Channels For Affiliate Offers, Amazon Offers, CPA, Local Marketing and More!



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Yive is the abbreviation of Your Instant Video Empire. On the other hand, it is among the useful tools which can transform the ways you work. For the first time, I am surprised about this product so much. It helps me create a bunch of automatic videos for strengthening the nearby network, linked products, and boosting up unbelievable traffic quantities on my sites as well. 

Apart from it, this product is produced from Marcus Cudd, who just spends more than 100,000 US dollars throughout its operation process since it is first established. Moreover, you can also be interested in this tool as it is always available as well as keep up-to-date from day today. Next, as soon as Yive makes a debut, the key crucial feature of it is producing a lot of videos for developing Amazon brands or versions automatically. On the other hand, all you need to do is typing a review and transfer to this tool. That’s so great. To help you gain deeper insight into this one, we will show you up to six various campaigns below

      • Automatically create and post all videos related to products from the Amazon site right away.
      • Automatically create and post all videos from particular keywords immediately.
      • Automatically create and post all videos based on syntax information 
      • Automatically create and post all videos based on RSS feeds
      • Automatically create and post all videos related to URL
      • Automatically create and post all videos derived from the user’s computer.

The next step is moving ahead to understand how every campaign operates. 


Yive also owns some key functions:

Yive review


The procedure of producing and posting all videos is like other kinds of the campaign. According to which kind of this campaign you select, users can grab a few or fewer choices. 

The first thing to do is putting your google accounts on the Yive platform. This means that it can utilize its local proxy system for getting access to the account. Then, authenticate some credentials and examine the YT channel. Finally, save it into the user’s account. Moreover, you could establish other social media groups for taking control of all accounts you own very conveniently. Next, once adding new ones, I usually click on the “Season” item of my account. On the other hand, Yive can deal with other distinctive assignments immediately like surfing, examine email, producing some files, and so on. All of them will be kept updated very frequently. That’s fabulous.

For instance, let it know what you do on the Amazon marketing campaign to promote massage chair. In this case, you type the name of this campaign and click on “Amazon.”  

What strikes me most about this tool is it can represent the four to five-star rating reviews for each version on Amazon product. Thus, users could customize the quantities of slides that it produces and scan the content thoroughly by taking the most advantage of one of the generated voices as well. 


The possibilities with Yive go on and on and because there are so many campaign types, home functions which users can utilize this tool

Yive review

The strongest point of this tool is that it could deal with all assignments automatically. Thus, users can establish an entire campaign for a while without requiring any video adjusting skills anymore. Moreover, they can implement a wide range of campaigns at the same time, convey all videos through into other accounts, set up the syntax, transform scripts to voice along with appropriate music, and so on. 

Next, some videos will hold the rank on Google. You can see what I did on Amazon products, local network, and create more videos as well.


A lot of ways to practice and learn how to make the most of this tool. As usual, you need to experience a total of 24 lesson videos according to new version 3.0 of this tool with an extra ten videos. After browsing all videos, you can register to become a new member of some social media groups for further useful tips. 


In this section, we will help you grab some Yive tips before making your purchase.

This tool only operates when you own Google or Youtube accounts. However, when you are newbies who purchase this tool on this page, I can give you excellent Youtube accounts, which is customized under spreadsheets. Thus, you can find it easy to add on Yive and make the most of it :

You will receive 5 PVA accounts each month to add to YIVE for the next 3 months + More hidden bonuses 


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