WP Affiliate Suite Review : Affiliate Marketer’s Best Choice 2020

WP Affiliate Suite Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn a wonderful income while at the same time having control of your own time and efforts. Learning about how to do it is not easy but with a few hard work and luck, you will get the hang of it in no time. For starters, one of the best methods to be successful in affiliate marketing is by making an affiliate website. Today we will share our thoughts on WP affiliate suite. Keep reading and don’t miss out on the crucial information that we are about to share with you.

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Why Do You Need An Affiliate Website?

wp affiliate suite review and bonusesAs an affiliate beginner, the first thing that you need to consider for you to be successful is letting people know about your product. After all, marketing is simply making something popular so that people will buy it. Building your own affiliate website will help you with this task, By the way, an affiliate website is a website that helps you promote your affiliate products. Affiliate products, on the other hand, are things that you sell which you do not own, by selling them you simply earn a commission as a source of income. Enough talk about things like this, let’s move on and see how you can build your own affiliate website as a beginner.

What is WP Affiliate Suite? Turn Ideas Into Success

If you are interested in starting to make your business big using WordPress, then the WP affiliate suite is the best choice. Those who are complete newbies to affiliate marketing, such as you, will see that WP affiliate suite will help them a lot. By saying “a lot” we mean to say that you get to learn about affiliate marketing with Chris Derenberger a competitive marketer who are more than happy to give you insights about his techniques and experience in his training. Another great thing is that the WP affiliate suit will immerse you with video training so that you will have the opportunity to apply what you learned in real-time.

Benefits of WP Affiliate Suite

There are various benefits that WP affiliate suite will give you. It is the best platform for you to understand the tips and tricks that you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. It will also help you recognize the best practices in SEO and optimization. Lastly, WP affiliate suite will provide you aid by giving you access to various themes that you can use.

WP Affiliate Suite Content

Let Us Talk About the Training In More Detail, one of the reasons why we were attracted greatly by the WP Affiliate suite is because of the quality training that it offers. Each affiliate training sessions will never be boring. You get to learn with Chris who will teach you the best tips and tricks based on his experience and results. The video lessons will talk about using affiliate links, best types of affiliate networks and programs and much more.

For the initial $14.95, here’s what you get:

WP affiliate suite is very affordable. For as low as 14.95 dollars you will learn about the things that you need about affiliate marketing that no other sites can offer. Each lesson will be easy for you to digest. WP affiliate suite will teach you about affiliate marketing efficiently and effectively.

For 14.95 dollars you will gain the privilege to watch affiliate marketing training videos and WordPress training sessions will help you understand WP quickly without any hassle. If you are scared to engage in affiliate marketing because you don’t know how to create a fully functioning website, then you badly need to check this out.

WordPress training sessions will teach you how to utilize WordPress themes and know things such as how to get a domain name, hosting, setting it all up, import the themes ,and make changes to them if you want to make them unique. With WordPress training sessions, you will learn how to make a website using WordPress as quickly as possible and gain access to the WordPress theme used on the training that you can actually use.

WP Affiliate Suite Upsells and OTO’s

The course itself is fantastic but you will have the choice to truly increase and also make the most of building affiliate web sites with the upsells. I ended up getting every one of them and don’t regret it whatsoever. in fact, I am working on my 5th web site currently.

Upsell #1 Advanced SEO Strategies ($67):

WP affiliate suite also teaches SEO and optimization really well Each session on SEO and optimization will open you to the importance of using strategies that will help you have higher ranking . You will learn how to use various SEO tools for you to rank higher in search rankings and thus help you build authority in your chosen niche. You will find that with WP affiliate suite, it is very easy for you to understand and apply the principles that will allow you get higher search rankings. The last thing that you will learn which we think you really need, is appreciating the importance of keywords.

This may be pricey but your money will be worth it. You will see that by paying 67 dollars you get to learn things about SEO that 200 dollar affiliate marketing courses can never teach you.

Upsell #2 DFY Niche Sites ($45-$297):

These are AMAZING! There more than 50 done-for-you WordPress themes in a great deal of in many niches you can get access to for 76% off the cost you will pay in the niche Shop if you avoid this upsell. These themes currently have logo designs, articles, pro stock images, categories, banners and also more. They are ready for you to upload ( great way to get approved by affiliate networks )

In the niche shop with WP Affiliate Suite, all these DFY themes cost $25. But if you get them throughout the upsell, you can conserve as much as 76% on them.

    • 3 DFY themes for $45 (Usually $75).
    • 15 DFY themes for $150 (normally $375).
    • Or ALL the themes 55+ for $297 (generally $1,250. 76% discount rate!).

wp affiliate suite review DFY themes niches

You can also make use of DFY niche sites which costs an additional 45 dollars or 297 dollars. It is expensive but rest assured that you will gain access to themes that are already ready to use.

Upsell #3 DFY Themes Reseller License ($197):

you will gain access to the DFY Themes reseller license which will benefit you in many ways. You can currently re-sell these very same themes and make 100% of the earnings.

This license provides you the right to resell all 55+ DFY WP themes on your website, Fiverr, or any other location you desire. Simply note that it does not give you the right to give away absolutely free, you need to offer them for a minimum of $25/each.

Who is WP Affiliate Suite For?

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing, you can begin with the very beginning. If you are much more advanced, you can miss some videos as well and start setting up your web sites as soon as possible!

The DFY themes are an excellent alternative as it helps with those that are a lot more limited in a timely manner. They can be uploaded onto your WordPress website easily and in few minutes. You will only require to invest a couple of hrs a week adding your own web content to the site to expand it.

Wrapping It Up! Our Personal Thoughts

We highly recommend WP Affiliate suite for those who want to start their affiliate business with WordPress. The lessons are easy and quick to get familiar with. Unlike other affiliate marketing courses, the things that you will learn is always useful and can be applied to your business in many ways. The best thing that WP Affiliate suite that gives you is that it allows you to get the hang of creating and designing your own affiliate website which is very important for your affiliate marketing career. So what are you waiting for?

As of today the discount will still valid for the launch, but I’m not sure how long it will last.

You can check on their website at : https://couponlink.info

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