How to Dive Into Affiliate Marketing In 2020

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If you’ve seen any list of ways to make money online, you’ve seen affiliate marketing mentioned. An inexpensive way to create passive income intrigues just about anyone searching for additional earnings. However, you have to distinguish the fake gurus from the truth-tellers when doing your research.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A.M is the method of earning commissions by promoting products that are not your own. When you discover a product you like and believe in, you can make a percentage of the profit for each sale made.

Exactly How Does it Work?

When the owner of a product or service makes a sale online, they receive the revenue and profit from the sale. The same owner of the product can allow others (an affiliate) to market the product and share with them a percentage of the profits or revenue for their efforts.

Affiliate marketing essentially includes two parties, the product creator/seller (the merchant) and the affiliate marketer. Each party receives an agreed-upon portion of the revenue correlated to their contribution.

Without sales, there aren’t any commissions to be made or shared. Affiliates attempt to promote products to consumers through various channels and platforms.

Sometimes a network called an “affiliate network” can function as a middle man between the merchant and the affiliate. Networks handle payment and delivery. Credible networks can add assurance to consumers, allow for a smoother sales process and increase sales percentages.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Affiliate marketers get paid typically in three different ways. Without impressions (eyeballs in front of offers) no sales can be made.

1. Pay per click

When presented with an online offer, not everyone will click or decide to purchase today. Some affiliates opt to be paid for each click made by consumers presented with the offer. Though a click is not a sale, it is a necessary and important step of the online sales process and usually designates true interest. Naturally, a click will earn less commission than a full sale.

2. Pay per lead

Some affiliates leverage relevant traffic and audiences generated on their own. This traffic represents leads that have shown interest or possible interest in the product or closely related topics. These affiliates may seek to be paid for each lead (potential buyer).

3. Pay per sale

A sale to a consumer is the final and most valuable action in the sales experience. Some affiliates are paid only a percentage of the sale. Pay per sale is generally the highest commission of the three.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing So Compelling.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make income. There are many different benefits to affiliate marketing and even more practical reasons to want to become an affiliate marketer.

1. Passive income

Affiliate marketing allows for sales to continue after the initial work has been done. Once a funnel is created and optimized for consumers, ending in a sale, it will produce results well after the initial efforts.

2. No customer support

Affiliate marketing requires little to no customer support. As an affiliate, you simply function as a third party offering the products or services of the original merchant or creator. Customer support is also provided by them as well if needed.

3. Work from home potential

Working from home is almost everyone’s dream. Because the work is performed online, the work can be performed from any device and from anywhere with internet access. This is appealing to many people who want to have more control over their work schedules and time.

4. It’s cost-effective

The cost of entry to affiliate marketing is much lower than most passive income-generating methods. As the affiliate, you don’t need to invest the money and time that the product creator had to. The initial investment is relatively low and the income ceiling can be extremely high, depending on the cost of the product and number of sales, clicks or leads generated.

5. It’s convenient and flexible

Affiliate marketing allows for the freedom to schedule work when convenient for you. Though the work must be done, it is an alternative to trading your time for money. Availability for loved ones and the things important to you can be prioritized with the flexibility affiliate marketing presents.

6. The rewards are performance-based

A well-optimized campaign pays based on performance and there is no cap placed on earnings. With salary and hourly-based work, there is a limit to earnings created by time. If performance is exceptional so will be the rewards with affiliate marketing.

7. SEO is powerful

Search engine optimization follows the recommendations of the search engines (like Google) millions of people perform billions of searches on every day. Using the correct format to publish content and affiliate offers will dramatically help thousands or millions of more people organically stumble across your relevant offers.

Common Types of Affiliation Channels

• Influencers

Influencers are individuals or companies who have credibility in a particular industry. They have built an audience that trusts their opinion regarding topics and products. Their audience is perfect to offer relevant and helpful affiliate products.

• Bloggers

Successful blogs create authority online with their audience and in the eyes of search engines. They are rewarded with higher rankings in search engine results pages. Higher rankings equate to more impressions, relevant clicks, and eventually sales to their trusting readers. Example : Neil Patel Blog  Or Searchengineland

• Paid-Search focused microsites

Opposite of organic search, effective and efficient paid advertising can place relevant offers in front of the right consumers as well. Microsites using this method target consumers in need of less convincing and those ready to purchase.

• Emails lists

Email lists can prove to be extremely valuable. A list of interested contacts can consistently be sent offers. The more appropriate and valuable the offers are, the greater the number of sales made will be. Spammy offers and emails will decrease the total number of contacts over time.

• Large media websites

Authority websites can employ all of the affiliate marketing channels listed above. For these large sites, testing and figuring out the combinations that work best can grow revenue exponentially.

The Focus Of A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Cultivate a rapport

Building trust with website visitors is extremely important. Without trust, you can expect the percentage of visitors who decide to purchase to be lower than average.

Make it personal

Aim to be the most helpful resource to website visitors. Answering their questions directly and with the best accuracy, shows them that the sale is not the only thing important to you. Along with attracting new relevant traffic, it will increase the conversion percentage of visitors to your offers.

Publish reviews of products and services

Define the factors and elements that should be considered most important to consumers. Address frequently asked questions and notify them of things regarding products that most other reviews do not.

Link to several sources

Linking to other dependable websites and authorities will strengthen credibility with search engines and deem your content as more valuable. Consumers are likely to look for other sources to confirm your claims so, doing it for them is greatly appreciated.

Select campaigns with care

Only choose the products and services you can validate and believe in. Offering sub-par or lousy products will dramatically decrease the amount of trustworthiness you worked so hard to build with visitors. Trust is critical to closing each sale.

Stay current with trends

Always know whats going on in your industry. If visitors and consumers know that you are a reliable source for content on the changes made, it will only add to your trustworthiness and growth referrals. It also makes you a reference for other sources to point to.

What Affiliate Marketing Strategies Should You Exercise in 2020?

• Only recommend products you are extremely familiar with. Knowledge of products is very important. Not only will referring an inferior product plague all your efforts but being knowledgeable will allow you to truly create the best content and a lot more of it. Familiarity will also speed up the process of creating content as you won’t have to spend as much time researching.

• Promote products from several different merchants. Diversify the merchants you work with. You have no control over the product/service, customer support or the merchant company itself. If they go out of business or change the commission percentage you receive at any time, it can be detrimental to the income you receive. Diversifying is a great way to lessen the volatility seen in affiliate marketing.

• Constantly split test and optimize your content. Images, sales copy, calls to action, and many other factors make up a campaign and marketing funnel each customer goes through. Testing and optimizing different elements will teach you a ton about your audience and what leads them to buy. There are always improvements that can be made to better the overall experience and serve them better.

• Concentrate on your traffic sources. Traffic is the electricity that makes the whole campaign work. Without traffic, there are no clicks, leads or sales. Always dive deeper to find out what titles, search phrases, and images provoke more clicks. Always research what related questions you can answer best regarding the product to attract more relevant leads. Always use testing data to determine how to improve user experience and achieve more sales.

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing requires lots of work, consistency and the willingness to educate yourself on its many different aspects. The upside of passive income and low entry cost, make it well worth it. With action, research, traffic, and great offers, it is an excellent way to make money.

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