My Lead Gen Secret : A Comprehensive Review 2020

My Lead Gen Secret : A Comprehensive Review 2020 1

Is My Lead Gen Secret the real secret to making money online, as they proclaim on their website? Or is it just another internet scam to rip you …

Software and sales pages are becoming a thing now. Although there are online companies who have invented the same concept years ago, it’s only today that these kinds of website advancements are being used by individuals and businesses who want to sell more of their stuff.

If you try to enter the world of online marketing, one thing you will surely discover is how hard it is to generate leads. Lead generation is not some kind of magic that can easily get you to sell your products and services. It takes a lot of effort and time before you can get your first potential customer online. That’s a really hard thing. What more if you are just a beginner?

Since sales funnels are trending now, it’s becoming easier for starters to generate leads. But, some software that exists ask for a big amount of money. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in online business, you wouldn’t want to spend a significant amount just for one lead generation software. Because of this, a man named Jim Harmon came up with an inexpensive software called “My Lead Gen Secret” that is promising 100 leads per day for only $1.

Is this promise true? Is there any way to prove what it guarantees? Let’s take a closer look at this software.

What is My Lead Gen Secret?

My Lead Gen Secret is a concept created by Jim Harmon in hopes to provide the cheapest service of lead generation. It is an online software used by individuals and businesses to find prospects on the internet. This concept claims that it can provide up to 100 leads every day in exchange for $1 as a fee.

If you are generous enough to give this a try, you might want to spend about $60 to test and see if this really works well. Upon watching the videos of Jim Harmon, he seems to be well-aware of the program. He knows the industry too well and that’s making everyone believe his story. Well, if you are marketing your own product, you want people to see how dedicated you are and that’s what he’s doing until now.

My Lead Gen Secret : A Comprehensive Review 2020 2

How much is My Lead Gen Secret?

To use the program, you have to pay for the first month and setup fee. The setup fee will cost you $30 and another $30 for your first month. So in total, that’s going to be $60. You have to prepare as little as $60 to use the lead generation program.

When using this software, there is no need to sign a contract or anything related. As long as you want to use this, you can enjoy spending $1 daily.

Your first month is going to give 100 leads every day. Although this number is far away from 1,000, for starters, it’s already a good figure. With $1, you can get valid leads already. In a month, 3,000 leads are going to enter your list. Not bad, huh?

My Lead Gen Secret is cheap

First impressions last and that statement applies to My Lead Gen Secret. It’s considerably cheap compared to other platforms that will charge you a hundred bucks a month for less than a thousand leads. Jim Harmon really does his job in this case.

You can look at this platform at any angle but charging a cheap fee of as low as $1 is already a good thing. Plus, you can enjoy other features like mailing from the platform itself.

Once you become a user, you’ll never have to download your leads to Getresponse and other similar software that will only add up to your bills.

Where are the leads coming from?

Upon using the platform for months, the details about the leads make a conclusion that leads are coming from the U.SA, Australia, Canada, and Britain. But take note that it can change per batch of leads.

By taking this into account, most of the leads generated by the software are Americans, Brits, and Canadians. They are a part of the Top Tier, which means they have credit cards or money to spend on online stuff.

For only $1, you are getting Top Tier leads which can be turned into sales eventually. Imagine just spending cents to get those people. Receiving 100 fresh and valid leads is already a big thing. How much more if those leads come from Top Tier countries?

Can your leads go up?

To tell you honestly, 100 leads per day is already a goldmine. Some programs out there will charge you an expensive amount for it. But, My Lead Gen Secret is giving the gem for just a dollar!

Can your leads go up? Yes! From 100 leads, you can gain up to 200 leads a day! This can only happen if you successfully sign up a member. Your leads will double if you manage to sign up a paid member on the program.

So, the best way to maximize your $1 is to encourage other people to be a member and make their own leads.

Can you make money through My Lead Gen Secret?

It’s another question you would want to answer at the end of the day, isn’t it? Well, to be able to make money with the help of My Lead Gen Secret. You need three things: your hot selling product, people who are looking to buy your hot selling product, and strategies so that those people would know about your product.

My Lead Gen Secret can already do the 2 things for you. The only thing you have to come up with is the hot-selling product. Once you’re all set, you can now make money by generating leads and turning those leads into sales.

Making money online doesn’t stop there. You can promote My Lead Gen Secret itself and get as much as $5 per month when you successfully sign up a paid member. This works like an affiliate program that will give you more money when more people sign up using your link.

So, is My Lead Gen Secret legit and useful? With all the information stated in this review, there’s no doubt it is true and you can make money through it.

My Lead Gen Secret : A Comprehensive Review 2020 2

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